Achieving flawless skin from the inside out

Posted by Jennifer Bradley on 2/26/2019
Achieving flawless skin from the inside out
Achieving Flawless Skin From the Inside Out

If you just landed on this page for the first time struggling with bad skin, hi. I’m Jennifer Bradley.
Let’s talk, shall we?

I’ve had my fill of bad skin. I had my fill a while ago, actually, and that’s one of the reasons I was
inspired to create my own line of medical grade makeup and skincare.

After working with top-end beauty products as a makeup artist to famous people including
Michelle Obama, Pamela Anderson, and Sharon Osbourne, Hillary Duff and regular folks alike, while dealing
with my own worn-out, acne-prone, and dehydrated skin, I wanted something that actually
worked. It became an obsession. My quest. Like, seriously – my holy grail.

Now, I’m so thankful for what I know about how to treat problem skin from the inside out and
also from the outside – in .

If you’ve had hormonal acne, age-spots, red spots, dark spots, or stubborn wrinkles that pop up
overnight (or after a few wild nights, it you know what I mean), then I FEEL YOU!

Your Bad Skin Is About to Be History

But you don’t have to just live with bad skin.

That’s one of the biggest lies we’ve been told.

I believed it for a long time. Then I wised up.

We’ve been taught to just cover it up.

Use a new bronzer, or try this shade of blush to offset the wrinkles and the dehydrated skin
that literally hangs from our forlorn faces like a wrinkled dress on the walk of shame the day

Try like – 70, 80, 90 million products – and maybe one, just one will actually WORK!

Here’s what I know now.

I’ll break it down for you:

1. Your skin needs hydration.
2. Your skin needs nutrition.
3. Your skin needs a break from harsh chemicals and toxins.
4. Your skin needs you to be happy.
5. Your skin needs your hormones to chill the f*$%# out.
6. Your skin needs to be freed from a chronic cycle of inflammation.

You don’t need to spend an entire months’ salary on great skin. You don’t need laser
treatments and botox. You certainly don’t need to waste your time and hope on products that
don’t address the root cause of your bad skin.

You don’t even need to get a younger boyfriend so that you can feel younger yourself (but go
on with your sexy self if you want to anyway!)

You just need a little beauty and health education. And that my friends, it what I live for.

It’s why I got to do the makeup of some of the coolest people in the world and why I have a thriving beauty line today!!!

Clearly Younger Skin Moisturizer Crème and Your New Best Friend: DMAE

That’s why I developed products like my Clearly Younger Crème. There isn’t another product on the market that has as much DMAE (Dimethylaminoethanol ) in it to help hydrate and firm your skin.

I know that’s a really big word. Don’t let it intimidate you. It’s about to be your best friend.
If you haven’t heard of DMAE, it is usually known for helping to increase the production of
acetylcholine, an important chemical made in your brain that helps your brain cells talk to one
another, but it’s also pretty incredible for revamping your skin.

DMAE boosts choline levels. That’s why some people even take it as a nootropic (brain boosting
supplement) but the neurotransmitter, acetylcholine isn’t just found in your brain. Weird huh.
It’s also found in your nervous system and your skin.

When you introduce DMAE to the skin, it tightens it, firms it, and helps it to look more youthful.
DMAE also increases a fatty acid that comes from choline called, phosphatidylcholine. I know, I
know, another whopper. But hear me out.

Phosphatidylcholine is antioxidant, which means it protects your cells from free radical damage,
one of the biggest causes of premature aging ( sagging skin, wrinkles, loss of
hydration and all that stuff we all dread).

If you want to experience the transformative action of DMAE for yourself, you can order my
Clearly Younger Skin Moisturizing Crème hereIt is made in small batches so it stays fresh. Yours should last about 3 months once you receive it in the mail.

More Amazing Fatty Acids to Heal Your Problem Skin

But it doesn’t stop there. I like to teach people to take care of their skin from the inside out,

I mean, I’ve learned over the years that our outer beauty is always a reflection of our inner
health. We can’t just pop a pill and expect to feel amazing, and we can’t just put products on
our faces and expect to look like a million bucks (although the right ones really do help).
If we COMBINE our outer and inner beauty efforts – that’s when the real MAGIC happens.

And I do mean seeming magic. When I started taking a balanced ratio of Omega 3, 6, 9 fatty
acids, and using my products, I saw a dramatic transformation in my skin. (And in the same way
that the DMAE stuff is good for your brain AND skin, Omegas are also good for your brain and
skin, too).

Here’s why:

Omegas reduce chronic inflammation which causes your immune system to freak out. This
leads to sugar cravings (which cause bad skin), non-restful or fitful sleep (which causes bad
skin), and even depression. 

#1 Omega fatty acids are critical to your skin’s health because they attack a whole designer
handbag full of skin issues, including:

- Locking in moisture by forming a protective layer around skin cells (called the
phospholipid layer of the dermis).

- Calming complexion problems caused by inflammation like redness, acne, itchiness,
wrinkles, etc.

- Reducing the damage caused by sun exposure and increasing collagen, the
foundational protein of your skin.

- Reducing infections causes by eczema and other skin conditions that are due to
chronic inflammation.

- Regulating oil production in your skin so that you don’t have acne breakouts from
too much sebum which cause bacteria to get trapped in your skin cells.

- Reducing rosacea (redness) which is caused by chronic inflammation in the body.

- Helping to build healthy gut flora that is responsible for everything from your
mood, to your skin health to your mental health and energy levels. 

#2 Lowering the impact of environmental toxins that cause skin issues.
But Omega fatty acids also offer some additional, science-backed, health-boosting benefits,

- Reducing the symptoms of anxiety and depression including apathy, nervousness,
and generally feeling like your zest for life is gone.

- Keeping your eyes strong.

- Improving your intelligence

- Helping to boost your immune system

- Making sure you have a healthy baby and pregnancy

- Increasing your communication skills

- Boosting your memory

- Lowering your risk from all diseases linked to inflammation (cancer, heart-disease,
arthritis, etc. 

#3  Omega’s contain:

- EPA (Eicosapentaenoic Acid) – A carbon-20 fatty acid that produces a chemical called
eicosanoids. These help to reduce inflammation and can even help to reduce depression

- DHA (Docosahexaenoic Acid) – A carbon-22 fatty acid that supports brain development.
It makes up a whopping 8% of the brain’s volume!

- ALA (Alpha-linolenic Acid) – A carbon-18 fatty acid that is converted into both EPA and
DHA by the body. ALA is used for energy production.

Your body can’t make EPA and DHA. It needs to get it from outside sources. It can make it from
ALA, but it’s a lot of extra work for your body to do that.

There are many ways to get enough Omega 3, 6, and 9 fatty acids, but the richest source in the
world comes from a seed (often mistaken for a nut) from the Andes Mountains in Peru called
Sacha Inchi.

When you combine my Clearly Younger Skin Moisturizer with our Sacha Inchi-derived Omegas, you supply your body with enough fatty acids from the inside, and outside to cause a drastic change in your skin.

These Sacha Inchi seeds are a super-dose of Omegas fatty

So, I’m super excited to offer a balanced supplement brand of Omega 3, 6, 9s from this amazing
seed from Peru to you, my favorite people in the world, so that you can experience this magic for
yourself. Why not look beautiful and feel beautiful at the same time? That’s what I always
wanted for myself, and it’s what I want for you, too.

You can try them, today, along with my Clearly Younger Skin Moisturizer, and get a full dose of topical DMAE, as
well as enough Omega 3, 6, and 9 fatty acids to help you feel and look gorgeous!

To sum it all up, here’s what you need for great skin:

1. Hydration
2. Nutrition
3. Relief from harsh chemicals and toxins
4. You to feel beautiful and happy
5. Balanced hormones
6. Reduced inflammation.
DMAE, as well as Omega 3, 6, and 9 fatty acids do ALL of this. Pretty awesome, right?!
Just in case you missed it, you can order both products, or order them out separately. I really
recommend BOTH though. The combined health and beauty benefits are too good not to

Until we talk again....
Love you.
Jennifer Bradley

P.S. I love to hear your stories about how my products are working for you. Please share them
with me, or visit our Facebook page. We love pictures you post of your skin transformation
even more! You can also catch me sharing my soul and my passion with the world there on the
regular. And let me know what other beauty and health related challenges you want to tackle,
and we’ll tackle them together. We’re unstoppable!


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