All about refining your pores

Posted by Jennifer Bradley on 4/4/2019
All about refining your pores

Hello wonderful people!
In this post we’re going to solve one of the biggest problems that I’m presented with by
friends and clients:  unhealthy pores!

As a makeup artist with literally thousands of sessions under my belt, I can tell you that
tons of people get frustrated with too-large pores that are visible on their skin.
I’ve done makeup for celebrities and makeup for every-day-women conquering the
world who never plan to step in front of the camera for a second, but still need to look
their best, and all of you amazing creatures usually come upon this issue at some point
in your lives – problem pores.

Sometimes large pores appear for the first time after a pregnancy. Other people notice
that they are more visible when their diet or lifestyle changes, when they spend a lot of
time in the sun, or when they are under extra stress. Sometimes pore issues crop up
after taking birth control pills or other medications. Some people have been dealing with
enlarged pores for their entire lives, and it doesn’t matter what they do, they seem to be
this impossible problem that they just can’t seem to solve.

Some of these large pores are on usually on the nose, but they might also be on your
cheeks or other places on your face. They’re just a nuisance. Our pores need to be
“refined” in order to solve this problem, but to create a baby-smooth texture for your
skin, we’re going to address:

- hyperpigmentation
- acne and acne scars
- excess sebum (oil) production

These are all culprits preventing us from having the most gorgeous skin we can have. It
all starts with the health of our pores.

My Pore Refiner Kit was made for these very issues. The products in the kit don’t just
“cover up” the issue, but help to resolve it.
I assure you, if someone hasn’t been air-brushed or photoshopped into looking like a 2-
dimensional doll yet they have gorgeous skin, then they’ve taken care of their pores. My
Pore Refiner Kit is meant to correct the problem so that your naturally gorgeous skin
can shine through.

It contains 4 pore-centric products:

- Moisturizer
- 4-in-1 Camera Ready Makeup
- Resurface Gel or Time Freeze Max
- Flawless Photofinish powder with 10-12 hours of staying power
- The Pore Refiner. The Runaway Hit that Never Quits!
Includes: Moisturizer, 4 In One Camera Ready Makeup, Resurface
Gel or Time Freeze Max, & Setting Powder. $128.00 with coupon

code: bestmakeupever

And introducing our latest shining star. . . .Best Brightener (which you can
choose as one of your 4 products in the pore refiner kit) It works to fade
brown spots and hyperpigmentation. It’s Resurface Gel’s sensitive and
hydrating cousin for dry skin.

Why Does it Look Like I Could Drive a Mac Truck Through My

First, let’s talk about what pores are and why they get so out of whack.
The word “pores” is just a layman’s, non-medical term for the tiny holes in your skin, all
over your body, that usually accommodate a hair follicle. In our faces, these hairs can
be so tiny that they aren’t visible, or they are non-existent, but the tiny hole is still there.
In healthy, hydrated, normal skin, pores seem to disappear.
When the skin starts to create excess sebum on over-drive, usually as a response to
chronic inflammation or as a perceived threat to your immune system, the pores enlarge
to accommodate more oil.

Includes: Moisturizer, 4 In One Camera Ready Makeup, Resurface Gel or
Time Freeze Max, & Setting Powder. $128.00 with coupon code:


It would be o.k. if you were an elephant. These magnificent animals are allowed to have
leathery skin where you can see every single pore from several feet away, but you’re a
Goddess. This is not acceptable! You shouldn’t look in the mirror and think, “I could
drive a truck through my pores!”

My Skin’s Too Oily

Many people with large pores also suffer from oily skin. In fact, larger pores almost
always indicate that too much sebum is being created by your body. This is the natural
oil that your skin creates to both protect and waterproof your skin. With too much of it,
though, the skin has to stretch to accommodate the extra oil.
Your first line of action, aside from using the Jennifer Bradley Pore Refiner Kit is to
look at your diet. Certain foods can cause your skin to become over-anxious, and create
excess oil.

Try to replace these foods:

- Sugar
- Refined Carbs (white rice, flour, white pasta, etc.) These foods specifically
increase the production of IGF-1 (insulin-like growth factor) which can cause
excess sebum production.
- MSG (salt substitute found in take-out foods)
- Red meat (because it causes inflammation, and your body reacts by making
more “protective” oil)
- Unhealthy or trans fats (Good fats like those in avocados, Sacha Inchi, hemp
seeds, coconut, etc. are good. In fact, eat as many of those as you can.)
- Dairy
- Soy 

With healthier foods like:

- Leafy greens and cruciferous vegetables
- Brightly colored fruits like pomegranates and blueberries
- Beans, peas, legumes
- Nuts and seeds
- Sprouted seeds, nuts, or grains
- Complex carbohydrates like sweet potatoes or brown rice

You should also try to lower your stress levels with meditation, yoga, or just a night out
with friends because chronic stress causes inflammation, which will increase sebum

Staying active can also reduce excess oil in your skin, even though you get sweaty and
dirty. The sweat actually helps out flush out toxins, and the increased blood flow to your
skin will help to get rid of infection, as well as bring nutrients to the cells that support the
underlying fabric of your skin.

Includes: Moisturizer, 4 In One Camera Ready Makeup, Resurface Gel or

Time Freeze Max, Setting Powder. $128.00 with coupon code:


Aside from using my Pore Refiner Kit, here are a few more tips to help with oily skin:

- Avoid oil-based cosmetics on oily skin and use a light moisturizer. (My
moisturizer is super light, and absorbs instantly and won’t irritate your pores. It is
also fragrance free so there’s no extra stuff in it to make a pore-problem worse.)

- Always clean your face before you go to bed at night, no matter how tired
you are after a long day. The cleanser in my Pore Refiner Kit is specifically
designed to gently clean sensitive skin. It takes away excess oil without irritating
your skin. This is absolutely critical because over-cleansing can cause your skin
to make even more oil!

Moreover, when you leave makeup on your face over-night it is a double no-no
because 1) your skin does most of its healing while you sleep, and 2) all the dirt,
makeup, and oil that your body has created all day is sinking deeper into your
pores, to clog them. The cleaner your skin is, the flatter the skins cells will lay,
and also keep your pores smaller, thus contributing to baby-smooth skin.

- Use oil-absorbing papers during the day to absorb extra sebum (oil). Instead of
always powdering your nose to get rid of extra oil, use oil-blotting papers to get
rid of the oil, instead of caking it back on again with extra makeup.

- Gently exfoliate (don’t over-exfoliate) your skin every week or so to help
with skin cell turnover rate. Your body is replacing all its cells at an astounding
rate every day, but you can help get rid of the dead, unhealthy cells faster with a
little exfoliation. Don’t use the plastic microbead products because they harm the
creatures in the rivers, streams, lakes and oceans where they end up, but do use
a little fresh, organic lemon, and some Himalayan sea salt, sugar or a touch of
baking soda to gently scrub your skin.

Just go easy if you exfoliate regularly, or try the Jennifer Bradley Resurface
Gel which with fruit acid gel containing kojic acid to gently exfoliate your skin but
get much faster results. This product is particularly helpful if you have sun
damage and fine lines that you want to blast while also refining your pores.
Be sure not to over-exfoliate because this can cause more sebum production,
acne, and enlarged pores – the very problems you are trying to reverse.
If you’re thinking, “But Jennifer, I am scrubbing weekly, and getting
microdermabrasion. Why is my skin actually getting worse?”

You need to know that sometimes scrubbing to exfoliate will stimulate your oil
glands, and cause more inflammation.

If you are using the Resurface Gel, that is all you need, as it actually IS the
exfoliator. There is no need for doing any other scrubs or exfoliation with this. 
- Use bentonite clay to suck out impurities. You can also help to cleanse
impurities that cause the skin’s pores to dilate or grow larger by simply doing a
regular detoxifying mask. If your skin is already sensitive, red, and inflamed or
you have acne, it’s a sign that you need to clean it more deeply.

Try brewing a little chamomile tea, letting it cool, and then mixing it with bentonite
clay. Apply to your face and let it sit until the mask becomes hard. When you
wash it away, use a warm, damp cloth but try to get most of the clay to go into a
trash bin so that you don’t clog your pipes while trying to unclog your pores.
After you’ve done a bentonite mask, use the moisturizer in my Pore Refiner Kit
to replace moisture taken out by the mask.

The Pore Refiner. The Runaway Hit that Never Quits! 

Includes: Moisturizer, 4 In One Camera Ready Makeup, Resurface Gel or
Time Freeze Max, Setting Powder. $128.00 with coupon code:


My Skin’s Too Dry
Many people with skin that is excessively dry don’t realize that this lack of moisture may
also be causing too-large pores. When your skin is too dry, it causes the skin cells to
“puff out” making the pores appear larger. Dry skin can also become cracked and
irritated which will make it a prime target for bacteria and skin infections.
Sun damage can also not only dry out the skin but cause brown spots, also called
melasma. Your pores start to look enlarged AND you’ve got brown spots on your
forehead, cheeks, chin, and other spots on your face, and it can start to feel like the
whole world is conspiring against your skin.

Don’t worry. You skin just needs hydration. It needs to be cleansed gently, and it needs
a little extra love and tenderness.

$138.00 — at Jennifer Bradley Skincare & Cosmetics

My Skin Has Large, Visible Pores that I’d Like to Diminish
If you have large pores, acne, dry skin, too-oily skin, or sun-damaged skin, then your
pores are just reflecting the state of your skin overall. You need to address the root
problem to reduce your pore-size, and help you skin be healthy, wrinkle-free, acne-free,
and smooth to the touch.

Diminishing pore size is possible!

Here’s what I recommend:
- Drink more refined water to reduce toxic build up (it is one of your skin’s greatest
allies as it makes up 64% of your skin’s hydration) 
- Gently cleanse your skin every morning and every night, and periodically mask
and exfoliate to get rid of deep impurities
- Eat a healthy diet that is mostly plant based if not entirely plant based which is
primarily nuts, seeds, greens, brightly colored fruits, healthy fats, and complex
carbs instead of sugar and simple carbs
- Get at least 30 minutes of cardio daily to help increase blood flow and flush
toxins at a cellular level
- Reduce stress with yoga, meditation, deep breathing, and gratitude
- And of course, use my Pore Refiner Kit to keep your skin glowing and healthy
as you go about improving your diet and lifestyle. I’m rooting for you! We’re all in
this together. And together we become healthier, more gorgeous, and more
amazing with every breath.

$138.00 — at Jennifer Bradley Skincare  Cosmetics

This is a $40 discount

compared to if you bought all the products in my

Pore Refiner Kit separately.

Jennifer Bradley
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